The honest truth is that there are no hard-and-fast answers when it comes to how fragrance, synthetic or otherwise, impacts our health. Regardless, we think the industry’s current business-as-usual stinks when it comes to labeling them in products. Since fragrance formulas are considered a trade secret, manufacturers are not legally obligated to disclose the ingredients used to create them. Often times, the word ‘fragrance’ (aka parfum) is used as a label under which ingredients are hidden, even chemicals of concern that may have potential health issues associated with them. Sometimes dozens of them. So you never really know just what ‘fragrance’ means when you see it on a label.

We believe you have the right to know what you’re putting on your skin when you use any product from Honest — down to the last ingredient in the fragrance. We label what’s inside clearly and consistently. Label transparency is a cornerstone of our Honest purpose to empower you to make informed choices for you family, your health and your happiness. And even though we love adding beautiful scents made from essential oils to some of our products, we’ll never label them ‘fragrance’ on our labels. We’ll tell you exactly what you’re getting. That’s the Honest Beauty truth.