We’re happy to announce that our favorite balm has a new name. Introducing… Organic All-Purpose Balm!

9 Ways to Use Our Organic All-Purpose Balm

There are so many ways to use our balm, so we simply changed the name to highlight its all-purpose use! But rest assured, you’ll still receive the same benefits you know and love:

  • All-purpose ointment for dry, rough or sensitive skin
  • Natural, soothing and hypoallergenic
  • Certified organic with organic sunflower, olive and coconut oils

It’s no wonder this balm has become a favorite for the whole family. Check out some of our top tips and tricks below!

9 Ways to Use Organic All-Purpose Balm

  1. Help soothe dry, sensitive skin (on baby and mom!)
  2. Designed to help moisturize baby’s delicate skin
  3. Apply to your hands and dry areas of feet before bed
  4. Tame frizz and flyaways
  5. Help smooth rough elbows
  6. Apply to dry little knees after a day of play
  7. Pat onto cheekbones for instant highlight
  8. Help smooth dry cuticles  
  9. Rub into split ends to smooth hair

Organic All-Purpose Balm is a must-have for moms and littles alike. Click here to stock up!

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20 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Our Organic All-Purpose Balm

    1. I am a Holistic Nutritionist.. Does your baby eat/drink dairy and meat/meat products? If so, stop feeding your baby Dairy and meat products and his eczema will go away. Whole foods, plant based diet is amazing for eczema, it cured my son of it.

          1. Americans are the only culture that relies so heavily on cow milk. Goat milk is much healthier and actually has flavor. The human body accepts it readily, even if lactose intolerant. Try making cheese and yogurt from goat milk, delicious!

  1. I use this for my son’s butt rashes, put it on over night, the next day it’s practically GONE! My son has super sensitive skin. We use the honest diapers since every thing else made him break out terribly I love all the honest products!

    1. Mine was doing that too but I think my bathroom was too warm for it. I have it on my nightstand now and it doesn’t separate anymore.

  2. I also use it for decreasing chaffing, works great for so many things and heals skin cuts so quickly…same for rashes and so many other skin issues…love it!!!!

  3. It works on poison oak. We live around a lot of poison oak, and with a couple of applications, our rashes clears up.

  4. We used it as a diaper rash cream as well before Honest had a separate cream for that, and now we use it for any boo boos, scraped knees, paper cuts, rug burn and any rash either of my children have ever gotten including irritation from bandaids that have stayed on (my kids have pretty sensitive skin)…slap this on and just about everything is cleared up by the next day!
    I used it on my kids when they had chapped faces, wind burnt cheeks, or irritation from runny noses during the winter months. This past spring, one child brought home ringworm, we used the fungal cream but as soon as we added this to the routine, the dry and itchiness went right away.
    It must be my favorite of all the products in my cabinet!!

  5. Could you use this organic healing balm on your lips? I am finding a hard time getting a good lip balm… Just wondering if it would be safe to use as a lip balm?

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