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For Your Baby

  • Honest Organic All-Purpose Balm

Our All-Purpose Balm is seriously everything. With 9 uses from soothing skin to taming flyaways this is a must-have for every diaper bag.

  • Organic Cotton Burp Cloths

Monica + Andy Organic Cotton Burp Cloths are super cute and super essential.

  • Organic Cotton Crib Sheets

We love to have our little ones sleeping on Pottery Barn Fitted Crib Sheets not only are they super cute, but they are extra soft and comfy.

For Your Beauty Routine

  • Honest Organic Facial Beauty Oil

Not only is our Facial Oil organic but it’s made without parabens, silicones, paraffins, dyes, synthetic fragrances and, even better, it works like magic.

  • Organic Exfoliating Gloves

These Earth Therapeutics Organic Cotton Exfoliating Gloves are a dream for getting rid of dead skin and getting back that glow.

  • Organic Coconut Oil

Using Coconut Oil as a hair mask is one of the best beauty hacks. Just get your hair wet and then apply from roots to end. Leave it on for 20 minutes or even overnight.

For Your Bath + Body 

  • Honest Organic Body Oil

The secret to silky nourished skin from head to toe is using our Body Oil to lock in moisture right after you get out of the shower.

  • Honest Organic Tampons and Pads

Our mantra: no more icky stuff in on and around our bodies! Why would you buy organic food, but not use organic cotton when it comes to your tampons. Our Tampons and Pads are made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

  • Organic Cotton Robe

If you really want to treat yourself daily. Get one of these West Elm Organic Cotton Robes. You’ll never look back.


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