Already a week into September, we’re ready for a stretch. Today’s pose is a deeply satisfying twist that can help improve posture and relieve the tension that builds up from sitting at a desk all day. Take a deep breath and join Honest yogi, Jessica James, as she demonstrates.

Garland Pose Twist

Garland Pose Twist

Malasana Twist

Level 1

Benefits: When you add a twist to this yogi’s squat, your whole spine gets the chance to lengthen and release. The squat stretches your ankles and inner groin while the twists encourages mobility and range of motion in your spine. This popular pose feels great and can also offer relief from menstrual pain.

Honest Tip: This pose feels so great that it can be easy to over stretch. Instead, build integrity in the pose by actively externally rotating both femurs. When you add the twist, make sure that the hip you are twisting away from stays square and isn’t sliding forward. If your feet aren’t flat on the floor use a rolled up blanket under your heels for support. When you inhale, sink in; when you exhale, twist deeper.

Now go pause, pose and find peace.