Ready for a weekend challenge? Give the grasshopper pose a go with our own Jessica James! It’s an impressive, balancing pose that looks a lot harder than it actually is.

Grasshopper Pose

Grasshopper Pose

Level 3

Benefits: This super dynamic pose is a twist, a hip opener and an arm balance all in one! It stretches your hips and wrists, improves range of motion and mobility in your spine and builds strength in your arms and upper body. It is a playful pose that builds balance, focus and confidence.

Honest Tip: The biggest variable in this pose is flexibility in your hips and spine. You have to be able to get the back of your arm to the bottom of your foot, so make sure that you are warm! When you get your arm to the bottom of your foot, your arm can act as a “shelf” to stand on, making this pose easier than it looks. Once you are up, make sure you look forward and send lots of energy to your lifted foot.

Now go pause, pose and find peace.