Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail

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We love summer hair—the epitome of which is a flirty ponytail. Fresh and fun, this little ditty will pair back with any summer outfit and accompany you to your latest soiree. From barbecues, to date nights, to time with the kids—rest assured your hair is stylishly out of your way while you’re in the swing of things.

Today, Maritza Buelvas of Beauty for Bloggers walks us through how to easily achieve the coveted Flirty Pony!

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail


Elastic Band
Teasing Comb
High Quality Large Brush with Padded Base
1 ½ curling iron
Non-toxic Holding Spray
Accent Ribbon

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail


Step One: Create a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band.

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail

Step Two: Tease hair with a fine teasing comb to create volume and fullness.

Step Three: Create ringlet curls with a medium sized curling iron. Make sure curls all face in one direction.

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail

Step Four: Brush out curls with a large padded brush to create one unified flirty and fluffy wave.

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail

Step Five: Accent with pretty ribbon. Honest Tip: Try using two ribbons for thickness like we did here. Secure with holding spray.

Primp: The 5-Step Flirty Ponytail

Photography by Julie Riddle.
Modeling and Makeup By Michelle Mink.

~ Maritza, Beauty for Bloggers

Maritza Buelvas is a beauty editor and Honest mom based in Chicago, Illinois. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more expert tips and tricks!

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