Ramen: Not Just for College Students

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Already a week into fall, we’re ready for all things warm and cozy. Today we’ve got delightfully easy take on ramen, courtesy of our friend Juli Novotny, that will make you question how you ever ate the store-bought version.

Ramen: Not Just for College Students

When I’m sick, I crave anything that will make me feel better STAT. I don’t know about you, but eating a salad when my stomach is queasy or my throats hurts, is less than ideal. Sometimes, I’ll chug a green drink but that doesn’t always settle well. And no citrus fruits please, unless it’s lemon water served hot with loads of honey.

All I can think about consuming when I feel ill are liquids and foods that are relatively bland, easy to swallow and not acidic. When I can tolerate a little flavor, I crave something warm and savory, or cold and sweet.

That’s why grandma’s savory chicken noodle soup does the trick almost every time: It’s loaded with exactly what we crave when we are run down.

The recipe I’m sharing today is a very simple, vegetarian version of grandma’s traditional soup. And for various reasons, it just might just be the new trend:

  • The ingredients are simple
  • It contains miso, a fermented probiotic
  • There’s no chicken
  • It uses natural ingredients
  • It’s so easy to make!

My ramen noodle soup is so popular at my house, it’s definitely going down as a tradition. My kids crave it even when they aren’t sick, my mom begs me for it when she has a sore throat, and I make it for myself two to three times in one day when I’m not feeling well. I swear by it.

I can confidently say that when my boys go off to college, they will stock their dorm rooms full of my ramen because it’s cheap, easy to make, and reminds them of mom when they’re sick.

Ramen: Not Just for College Students

Miso Ramen Noodle Soup

Yields 1 large bowl


1 serving of ramen noodles (Forbidden Rice is my favorite)
1 ½ cups fresh water
1 ½ Tablespoon miso paste
1 Tablespoon Veggie Broth Paste (bouillon)
¼ tsp onion powder (optional)
5-6 cloves fresh raw garlic
Pinch Himalayan sea salt


  1. Using an electric water heater, boil water.
  2. Mix the miso, bouillon paste and onion powder into the water.
  3. Pour over the noodles. Let sit until noodles are soft.
  4. Using a garlic press, crush the garlic cloves into the soup.
  5. Add salt to taste.

~Juli Novotny of BasilHealth

Basilhealth is a consumer health technology company dedicated to helping people worldwide take better control of their health. For more tasty recipes, be sure to follow on Instagram or Facebook!


  1. Rachel05

    This recipe sounds good, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t understand why every recipe posted on the Honest blog is vegetarian or vegan. Just because we support Honest does not mean we fall into this category on the food intake scale.

  2. julinovotny

    When you’re sick it’s hard to get food down. And most important thing about chicken noodle soup is the garlic and the electrolytes (sodium) etc. You can totally add chicken though to this. I’m a plant based guest blogger so that’s my bad. But chicken would work well in here too. This soup recipe also focuses on simple quick and easy – so even the sick person can make it. You don’t even need to precook the noodles. 😉 hope hat helps. I know we all have different diets – paleo, vegan etc – so feel free to adjust to suit your needs! Thanks for reading!

  3. julinovotny

    And honest company actually has a lot paleo style healthy recipes. Maybe you didn’t see them. Give me a moment and I can put together a little list of links for you if need be.

  4. Rachel05

    Thanks for your input Juli. It’s possible I just haven’t clicked on any of the non-vegan/vegetarian recipes on the honest blog. It’s also possible I was just having a bad moment when I wrote my comment. I do appreciate the creative ideas/recipes in the blog. Maybe I will try this ramen and add chicken. 🙂

  5. julinovotny

    Thinking out loud – I do it all the time! It’s a female thing? haha. But I did search the word chicken here and wow, there are so many recipes. I couldn’t even try to paste them all. 😉 And yes, all of my plant based recipes are good with added meat. I always suggest people cook their meat separately and add how they see fit. That’s the beauty of meat, I think. Have a lovely day.

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