Now is the Time to Rethink Your Moisturizer Relationship

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We had a good run with our fave face cream — but change is in the air. Granted, April and May can swing across the temperature spectrum at any given moment. Still, the days are heating up. Which means it’s time to reevaluate our moisturizer relationship. For the last few months, we’ve been going steady with Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream (its rich, creamy feel has earned it a permanent place in our beauty cabinet), but with warmer weather (and increased humidity) skin can feel a bit smothered under heavier hydrators. Here’s how we’re handling the transition during this hot-to-cold skincare season:

Now is the Time to Rethink Your Moisturizer Relationship

No Ghosting

Just because skin doesn’t need as much hydration these days doesn’t mean we’re off the hook entirely. It’s still got heat, sweat and now air conditioning to deal with. We’re switching to Younger + Clearer™ Nourishing Lotion for its lightweight airy feel as much as the hyaluronic acid in its formula to keep skin’s moisture balance on the level.

Now is the Time to Rethink Your Moisturizer Relationship

Set Boundaries

We’re not saying don’t use regular moisturizer around the eyes, but giving separate attention to that delicate area isn’t a bad idea. It’s more fragile and tends to trend on the drier side, so we’re sticking by The Younger Eye Cream (also with hyaluronic acid) to layer on deep hydration where it’s needed most.  

Now is the Time to Rethink Your Moisturizer Relationship

Remember Your BFF

Our on-again, off-again bond with Elevated Hydration Replenishing Mist really is like that friendship that can go months without a word, then pick up right where it left off in an instant. And right now, we’re so on again. Especially on spring days when the temperature does a 180 from morning to midday, it’s comforting to know we have a wingwoman ready at a moment’s notice for a quick hydration pick-me-up.

Most importantly, get outside and enjoy this season of renewal and (fingers crossed) more sunshine. What’s good for the soul has got to be good for our skin, too — April showers, May flowers and all.

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