Happy St. Paddy’s day, friends! To get in the spirit, we’ve gathered up some of our most favorite (and festive) ideas. From green treats to cute crafts, we’ve got something for all of the little leprechauns in your life.

St. Patrick’s Day: 7 Lucky (Last Minute) Ideas!

  1. Superfood snack. Skip the sweets and munch on this matcha green tea popcorn instead.
  2. Fun with felt. You won’t get pinched with this fashionable green flair.
  3. Spinach shamrock shake. Sip on this better-for-you blend of fruit and veggies.
  4. DIY donuts. Naturally green donuts are never a bad idea.
  5. Clever cuff. Learn the trick to this popsicle stick bracelet.  
  6. Pizza Party. Make a mean, green quinoa crust for a delightful dinner option.
  7. Dreamy dessert. Save room for seconds of this sweet green treat.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s day? Let us know in the comments section below!