Stylish Reusable Bags for Kids

Grocery shopping is a weekly outing for my family. I used to get paper bags at checkout because they’re recyclable and we’ve always reused them at home. But recently our stores began charging 10 cents per bag. What better motivation to switch to reusable, eco-friendly bags when we shop? I should have done this a long time ago! These bags don’t rip, some can be folded into my purse, and they can be used over and over again.

I use my own full-sized bags, but my girls also like to carry bags of their own so they can feel like big kids. They obviously like to add their favorite toys to lug along with us as well. This makes grocery shopping fun for them and provides a great opportunity for us to talk about what we’re purchasing, why, and how we’ll enjoy it at home.

Here are my favorite eco-friendly reusable bags for little ones:

Stylish Reusable Bags for Kids
Clockwise from top center:
Robot Lunch Bag | Backpack | Neon Fox Bag | Heart Lunch Bag | Baa, Maa & Paa Bag | Ditty Net Bag


How do you get your kids excited about healthy eating and reusing everyday items?


~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller