In the aftermath of one of the strongest storms ever recorded, our team at The Honest Company is keeping all families affected by the Super Typhoon in the Philippines in our hearts and minds. We have put together this infographic to share the relief efforts we are joining and suggest ways that you can get involved with helping these families in need.

A special thanks to our friends at AP Express Champion Logistics Group for donating their time and services to deliver these Honest goods safely to Operation USA in the Port of Los Angeles.

Join Honest in Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

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11 thoughts on “Help Those Affected By the Super Typhoon

  1. I have always been interested about your products and advocacy though I haven’t really tried any of them since I am from the Philippines. I’m really glad though that your generosity has made it possible for those really in need to use your products and provide relief in this time of tragedy. Thank you so much.

  2. Posting from Manila, Philippines! My baby and I use your products! I particularly love your Face & Body Lotion, Body Oil, Shampoo and Healing Balm! Please set up shop here in the Philippines soon, so many of my fellow eco-aware moms are excited to try them!

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