3 Meditation Tips for You to Stay Calm

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If we’re being honest, life can often feel a bit overwhelming — between schedules, expectations (self-imposed or otherwise) and trying to be everything for everyone. Beautiful, no doubt, but totally overwhelming. That said, when we do finally get a moment to breathe, our instinct is often to go to social media for a reprieve (which actually just adds to the clutter, instead of taking away).

That’s why in a season designated for cleaning house, we’re thinking about ways to clear our minds as well. Next time you need a (much-deserved) moment of calm, we suggest the following:

Begin by drawing a bath (locking yourself in: optional, lavender bubble bath: optimal) and lighting a soy candle. Next, commit to at least fifteen minutes of time only for you — time to close your eyes, breathe and center yourself. For some, complete quiet or calming music might be just the thing, for others a guided meditation will work wonders (some favorites can be found on Calm, Headspace and Omvana).

Sweet Escape: Simple Ways to Create a Moment of Calm

It’s as simple — and wonderful — as that. Fifteen minutes is all you need to take a deep mental exhale. And who knows, they might not even notice you’re gone.

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