Take Your Kids on a Date (Without Spending Any Money)

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Kids thrive when we give them individual attention, so I like to take my kids out by themselves to get some quality one-on-one time. We call them dates, but dates with our kids don’t need to cost much money, if any! All it takes is dedicated special time, and they come home happy and excited about their fun and individual attention.

Here are some ideas we have for dates with our kids:

Take Your Kids on a Date - Go on a Treasure Hunt

1. Hunt for Treasures. Make a list of 20 things that you can find around your neighborhood or a nearby park, and go on a hunt together to find those things and check them off the list. We live in the city, so our list includes things like “three orange buildings” and “five blue doors,” but you can also have your kids search for different colored rocks, bugs, trees, etc. This is a good date for kids of all ages, and it provides a teaching moment about nature, counting, colors, you name it!

Take Your Kids on a Date - Make Flower Crowns

2. Make Flower Crowns. I loved making flower crowns with my friends when I was a little girl, so I took my daughter on an outing to make some together! They make my daughter feel like a princess, transport me back to childhood, and provide great time to connect with conversation.

Take Your Kids on Date - Be Artists

3. Be Artists Together. Bring sketchbooks and colored pencils for two and find a spot to draw what you see! Be creative: If it’s cold where you live, go to an airport and sketch the airplanes taking off or landing. If you can go outside, the possibilities are endless. When you’re done, put the sketches side-by-side on the refrigerator so you can remember the good time you had together being artists.

4. Have an Alphabet Search. Find an item beginning with each letter in the alphabet while out and about, and have them either draw the item or write the word that coincides with the letter. My preschooler loves matching letter sounds with things all day, so this would go over well for the 4 to 5 age group.

Take Your Kids on a Date - Go on a Picnic

5. Enjoy a picnic! You can bundle up and bring soup to go, grab a ball to kick around, and chat about fun things they like. One of our favorite kid date games is to pick three things for the other to choose from and they decide their favorite. And then they ask you! For example, you ask: “Apples, Grapes, or Bananas?” and they answer. It entertains us forever, trying to think of new options, and it’s a great way to get to know what your kids like the best when they are really thinking through it.

You can also do things as simple as taking them with you by themselves to the park or grocery store, and giving them your undivided attention. I love these dates because I learn from my children and I’m reminded how to be carefree and enjoy the little things!

What are your favorite ways to spend time with your children? We’d love to hear.

~ Kate of Style Smaller

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