Top 20 Eco-Friendly School Supplies

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The anticipation and fun of back-to-school shopping always makes it a bit easier to say goodbye to summer. We certainly remember the excitement of selecting Care Bears lunchboxes and eagerly toting them to first grade.

Thankfully, though, today’s school supplies have come a long way since a few, okay many, years ago. You can now find ones that are stylish, colorful, and earth and kid friendly. Music to our Honest ears.

Here’s a checklist of our top 20 eco must-haves to make going back to school easy and cool for both you and the planet.

Top 20 Eco-Friendly School Supplies

1. Bamboo Dry Erase Board: Perfect for working out math problems or creating a homework to-do list without wasting paper.

2. New Leaf 100% Recycled Paper and Notebooks: Keep minds and trees growing with 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

3. Rock Paper Notebook: Rock on with paper made from limestone, which saves on water, trees, energy, and has no post-production waste.

4. Eco Staple Free Stapler: Safe for little fingers and no metal waste.

5. Corn Calculator:  Your kids will love veggies and math with a fun-colored solar calculator made from corn plastic.

6. The Seven Year Pen: Reduce waste (an estimated 100 million pens are discarded every day) by not having to buy another pen for seven years…plus they sport cheeky designs.

7. Bamboo Ruler: Practical and made from sustainable, recycled, and biodegradeable resources.

8. GLOB: Responsibly packaged art products sourced from natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, like paints made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices.

9. Clementine Art: From crayons to paints, this natural and non-toxic brand is sure to have all the art supplies your child needs for school.

10. eco-kids USA: Get naturally creative with these non-toxic and natural art supplies.

Eco-Friendly School Supplies

1. CamelBak eddy Kids Sports Bottle: Do away with wasteful drink boxes, reduce trash, and save money with a BPA-free bottle that is easy for kids to use.

2. ECOlunchbox Three-In-One Stainless Steel Bento Box: Avoid leaching and messy plastic food containers with this BPA- and lead-free compartmentalized lunchbox.

3. Goodbyn Bynto: Solve the problem of lunchtime trash created by one-time-use packaging with this BPA- and phthalate-free lunchbox that is 100% recyclable.

4. Rebel Green Reusable Lunch Tote: Bring your lunch to high school with this eco-chic sack and reusable napkin made from 100% organic cotton.

5. Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags: Say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags for good with these washable ones that are great for packing healthy snacks.

6. To-Go Ware RePEat Utensil Set: Ditch disposable utensils in favor of this bamboo set.

7. Milk Dot Top Kat Backpack: Created by a mom who wanted healthier, safer products for her kids, this bag fit for a superhero is PVC-free, BPA-free, and tested lead-safe.

8. Beatrix NY Little Kid Backpack: Designed for 2 to 5 years olds, these cute packs are free of PVC, lead, and phthalates.

9. Patagonia Backpack: The purchase of this B Corp’s school bag will contribute to the at least 1% of their sales donated to grassroots environmental groups who work to reverse the steep decline in the planet’s overall health.

10. Lands’ End Natural Zip-Top Canvas Tote: Perfect for reuse, these timeless and durable totes can take you from grad school to work to the farmers’ market.


  1. Thanks for posting this! Even though I recently graduated, this is great to read.
    I love the Seven Year Pen and the ‘Lands’ End Natural Zip-Top Canvas Tote’. I’m a big supporter of re-usable bags.
    An Honest Tote bag would be awesome 😉 !!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration for an Honest tote! And we totally agree that these are great options for post-school life when you’re working or on the go. Let us know if there’s anything you’d add to the list.

  3. When does school start again in the US? Summer holidays is 2 months in Belgium (July and August), so everyone starts again in September…

  4. I love my 7 Year pen! I bought one in San Fran a few years back and ended up buying more recently for friends/coworkers when I saw they had new designs!

  5. If not a year-round program, school starts in August or September here in the United States.

  6. The Seven Year Pen is definitely a great find! Something to remember for fun holiday gifts, too.

  7. Wow! Fabulous list. Since my kids are 9 and 12, I’ll email them the list to see which items they want. They’re “too old” for me to pick, of course:)

  8. LAmomsDig

    What a great list! Love the dry erase board, stainless steel bento boxes and the cool stapler!

  9. I, too, am a huge fan of the seven year pen. I’ve had mine for one year – six more left – if I don’t lose it first!!! Great list. Love the kids’ backpacks!!!

  10. The fact that the pen has lasted a year is already a good sign! We hope you enjoy back to school shopping.

  11. Thanks, Christina. We’d love to know what your kids pick out or if they have any other faves that they think should be added to our list.

  12. great post. what do you think of planet box lunch boxes?

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  19. Hi Alara! This post was originally written 3 years ago so some products may have sold out. We will try to update links for products that are still available. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  20. Greenisgood

    love the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. It it you can grow a real house plant that closes its leaves when you Tickle it!

  21. John Mclaughlin

    It really is interesting to think about all the different options that are available to those who are looking to supply their kids with the safest school supplies. I personally think that being able to have knowledge about different plastics is a great way to ensure that safety. All these different “eco-friendly” supplies will really go a long way to ensure that our kids are safe with the products that they’re using. Thank you for sharing.

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  23. Yes its good which start from children because it’s the root of our society. by this way we can improve this better by starting this from our kids.

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