Honest Laundry Pods

For some, doing laundry is a great escape (didn’t Tina Fey make a joke about doing chores to find alone time as a parent?). For others, it’s a necessary evil. Either way, it’s an inevitable and possibly endless part of our daily routines because we all need clean clothes. So much so, that it adds up to the average American household doing 400 loads a year. That’s a lot of washing!

Happily, our new 4-in-1 Laundry Packs will make this job easier. Not only will you avoid exposure to a long list of harmful chemicals, but you won’t have to spend extra time or money on adding additional product to the mix—cleaning, stain fighting, brightening, and softening power are all conveniently packaged within one pod. Simply toss one pod and go. It’s all you need to effectively get the job done.

To get you started, here are some tips and tricks for making the most of our 4-in-1 Laundry Packs.

At first use, knowing exactly where and when to pop a laundry pod can sometimes leave you scratching your head because there are so many types and models of machines. Whether you have a front-loading, top-loading, or an HE machine, we recommend tossing the pod in the washing drum first, then adding the clothes. Piece of cake!

After you choose a method, follow these simple steps for dreamy clean clothes:

  • Be sure to set the machine to the appropriate load size based on the amount of clothing in the washer. This is especially important when highly absorbent fabric like towels are being washed.  Too little water can prevent the pod from fully dissolving, and your clothes might not be rinsed properly.
  • Don’t overstuff the washer with clothes. Trust us, it really won’t save you any time because you’ll likely end up having to re-wash things or maybe even damage your machine.
  • Follow clothing manufacturer laundering instructions.  Warm water offers the best cleaning and pack dissolvability results.
  • Use one pack for average loads and two pods for extra large loads.
  • For extra brightening and stain fighting, add the Oxy Boost pack. For more heavily soiled clothing, use two packs. To remove excessive odor from clothing, such as cigarette smoke or perspiration from exercise wear, add the Oxy Boost pack(s) for extra deodorizing power.

A note for fans of cold-water washing: If you’re having issues with the packs dissolving in cold water, this can happen for a few reasons. One, you have hard water. Two, your machine agitator isn’t working properly. Or three, you’re overfilling your machine. All of these can compromise the dissolvability of the powder, which would be the case for all laundry pods, not just Honest ones. However, we hope you use ours!

If you were previously washing your clothes in cold water using liquid detergent, you may not have been aware of the above issues because you can’t tell that the soap isn’t working—your clothing simply absorbs it and you never know the difference. With powder packs, though, you can really see when something is awry. Also try adding your clothes first, then tossing the pod on top. Or placing the pod into the powder dispenser (not the liquid one). A quick fix of the underlying problem is all you need to keep washing in cold water. Thanks for saving energy!

When to wash: While babies and toddlers create copious amounts of laundry (sorry, just stating the facts), older kids and adults leave much less to launder (thankfully!). Here are some basic rules of thumb:

  • Sheets – weekly
  • Bras – every 3 uses
  • Blankets – once every 3 months
  • Shirts – after each use
  • Jeans – after 3 uses
  • Pants – after 2 uses
  • Sweaters – after 3 uses
  • Socks – definitely after each use

One final tip: For the absolute best laundry results, get a little help from everyone to lighten the load (pun intended)! With our non-toxic laundry packs, your children can easily participate in chores and learn about responsibility—and you can breathe easy knowing they won’t come in contact with harsh chemicals or spill on the floor! Toddlers also can help match socks, fold small towels, and put some things away. Older children and adults are perfectly capable of even more. Working together means more time for everyone to have fun!

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  • ashlea

    Since the pods don’t produce suds I worry they don’t clean as well as the liquid. I’m havent decided which I like better. Can you tell me more about how the pods clean without all the ‘suds’?

    • Great question! Interesting enough, suds aren’t actually an indicator of cleaning, but rather a property of certain surfactants that are in a formula. Not all surfactants have suds, but do a great job cleaning your clothes. Hope this helps!

  • V

    Is the casing material the same as the Oxyboost casing? I don’t have any trouble with those pods dissolving and still wondering if I should try these or not because of the dissolving issue people are having.

    • Hi V,
      The casing is exactly the same. It’s not actually the casing that would cause dissolvability issues, if you experienced any, but rather the powder contained within. The outside dissolves immediately upon contact with moisture. There could be a variety of reasons others experienced an issue in cold water with the pods – their agitator might now be working properly, they may have hard water, they may be overloading the machine. Also, our pods have been shown to dissolve 8 times faster than the leading conventional brands. So, if you’ve had success with our Oxyboost we hope you’ll consider giving the Laundry Pods a try.

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  • Merci

    How would you use the pods in commercial washers where there are three slots on top. One slot for pre wash, second for detergent or bleach and thirds for softener. Would you put pod in detergent slot or actually inside with clothes ? Thanks.

    • You can place the pod inside the drum of the washer with the clothes. Put your clothes inside first then toss the pod on top. Hope this helps!

  • Ali

    We have hard water that is causing problems with our cloth diapers. The description mentions that these soften water. Does it soften water enough to solve our hard water/cloth diaper issue?

  • Lindsey DeLaMare

    Are these compatible with and HE washing machine?

  • Mark Chadwick

    I started using these laundry packs 2 months ago in a front loading machine and ive now stopped and thrown them away. They did not dissolve fully, even in hot water and would leave residue on clothes. Anything with manmade fibers like polyester these packs made smell very badly, like a rancid chemical smell. I would not recommend these laundry packs.

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