Get the Look: Jessica Alba at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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A Modern Makeup Look with a Hint of 70s Drama

This year at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Jessica worked with her makeup artist Aurora Bergere to create a classically fresh makeup look with a hint of 70s flair. The goal: timeless glamour.

Here’s how to get the look:


The Eyes

Start by filling in the brows to frame your eyes. Then, using our Extreme Length Mascara + Primer , apply lash primer before doing anything else. Wait 30 seconds to dry.

While you’re waiting, apply under eye concealer — working outward from the bridge of your nose and just over the top of the cheekbones.

Next, apply mascara using Jessica’s mantra: blink, blink, blink until your heart’s content.

To bring in the 70s drama, add a few individual false lashes, especially at the outer corners of the eye.

Finally, use our  Magic Beauty Balm Stick to gloss the eyelids and modernize the look.

The Lips

First, always exfoliate your lips before applying color for an event.

Then, apply two coats of Honest Beauty’s new Tinted Lip Balm in Summer Melon.

For an extra glossy 70s touch, add a bit of our always classic Magic Beauty Balm on top.

Pro tip: never leave home without your Tinted Lip Balm.

The Full Team That Put Together Jessica’s Stunning Look

  •      Hair: Davy Newkirk
  •      Makeup: Aurora Bergere
  •      Styling: Jamie Mizrahi
  •      Bag: The Row
  •      Dress: Narciso Rodriguez
  •      Shoes: Jimmy Choo
  •      Jewelry: Ana Khouri


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