Baby Dry Skin: Causes and 3 Ways to Help

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Why is Your Baby’s Skin Dry?

Dry skin is sort of a blanket statement that a lot of us use for number of different skin issues.

The problem with that is there isn’t one blanket solve that covers all flakey, rough, dull, irritated skin. So, if you want to find the actual long-term fix to your baby’s uncomfy skin, you’ve got to take a closer look.

If Your Baby’s Skin is Flakey or Feels Rough…

This probably means your their skin is, in fact, dry and needs moisture plus a little extra TLC.

Oils do a great job of restoring the skin’s moisture balance and sealing in hydration. Try using a lotion with plant-based oils because they’re gentle, but they’ll help smooth out those problem patches.

Which oils are best for baby, you ask? We love products with jojoba oil, almond oil and safflower oil for our little ones.

If Your Baby’s Skin Looks Dull and Feels Tight…

This most likely means your baby’s skin is dehydrated and needs water. Try limiting bathtime to just 3 to 5 minutes and always use gentle, moisturizing shampoo and bubble bath.

It sounds crazy, but sitting in a warm bath too long can actually draw water out of the skin because all that excess liquid that soaks in eventually evaporates and takes even more along with it.

If Your Baby’s Skin feels Dry and Has Redness or Inflammation…

This can mean that your baby’s skin is irritated. This often happens when they get into contact with something too harsh or something that triggers an allergy.

Your everyday household items might contain ingredients that your baby’s skin doesn’t like. Look for products without fragrance, dyes, phthalates or parabens and try switching your laundry detergent to a gentler baby laundry detergent.

What Baby Skin Products Do You Need?

Thankfully babies don’t need a full 10-step skincare regimen like some of us around here do. If you have these three baby skincare essentials, you should be all set:

A Moisturizing Baby Bathtime Routine

  • For day-to-day care

Baby Body Oil

  • For when baby needs a little extra moisture. Also, great for baby massages

Organic All-Purpose Balm

  • For problem areas like rough elbows, delicate bums (and even mom’s cuticles)

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