What to Put on Your Baby Registry

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Curating your baby registry sounds fun at first, right? But, when you actually get down to it, the reality can be super overwhelming — especially when it’s your for your first child. All the questions begin to swirl: What am I actually going to need? Should I just buy this for myself? Where should I register? How many registries should I have? Soon, it’s hard to tell where to begin. Oh, have we been there, so we figured you could use a little help. We asked basically all the Honest moms and dads we know (including our Instafam) for their best advice to give you all the info in one place. So, here’s your baby registry checklist:


The More the Merrier

Keeping a full registry with plenty of options helps deter your loved ones from going rogue.

But, Still Be Selective

Make sure the stuff you register for is what you really want. Otherwise, everyone could end up choosing the things you felt meh about, while leaving the stuff you’re dying for unbought.

Use the High-Low Method

You absolutely want to register for some of the expensive essentials to give your already overburdened wallet a break. But, at the same time, your registry should be filled with things of all price ranges, so your loved ones who are on a budget can share in the joy of giving, too.


Tip: try to register at at least 2 places to give everyone options, but less than 5 places to not overwhelm.


Obviously, because they have pretty much everything.


Also very highly recommended for variety and trustability of products.

Buy Buy Baby

Always a new parent go-to. Plus, you won’t be distracted by all the non-baby related items you want. (We see you, Instant Pot.)


While we have to be honest and tell you we’ve heard their user interface can be a challenge, Babylist is great for registering for specific brands you can’t find on the classic sites.


So Many Diapers

Make sure to register for diapers in multiple sizes.  Every baby is different, but generally speaking your babe won’t be in newborns for very long, if at all, so you want to be prepared for their quick growth. Definitely ask for a hefty stock of size 1s and 2s. Again, every baby is different, but typically babies tend to be in size 4 the longest. So if you have the storage space, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few packs of size 4 as well.


This is another most-used item, so it’s great to delay purchasing them yourself for as long as possible. We suggest going all in and registering for our 128 count packs (in bulk).

Fragrance-Free Bath + Body Products

Most pediatricians recommend exclusively using fragrance-free products on baby for the first 6 months.

Digital Thermometer

When you need it you want to already have it.

Baby Laundry Detergent

Honest fact: Jessica, our founder, first got her idea for starting The Honest Company when she couldn’t find a laundry detergent that she felt comfortable using for her own babes. So, you better believe ours is safe and works.

Alll the Clothes Allll the Sizes

People have been trained all too well that babies grow out of newborn sizes quickly, so make sure to register for those tiny fashion statements, too. That way you don’t end up rushing out to the store when you realize you have nothing for your little one to wear in the first week home.


You’ll need them on rotation, and just think of how cute your feeding time Instagrams will be when little one’s bib matches their diapers.

Diaper Duty Gift Set

Because changing diapers all day (and dealing with all that comes with that special task) is about to be your new normal.

Baby Monitor

A true essential for baby’s safety and your peace of mind. Done & done.

White Noise Machine

Helping baby get to sleep = helping you get some sleep, or a workout in, or a shower, or the dishes done (you get the point).

Baby Food Maker

Create yummy recipes (and pick all the ingredients) that help baby develop a well-rounded palate. Try one of few of our favorite seasonal flavors here and here.

Portable Crib

Great for traveling and general life on the go. Parent pro tip: this is also a lifesaver for keeping in the living room or kitchen, so baby can snooze where you are.

Nose Freda

Free the boogs and help little one breathe… in a slightly less gross way.

Baby Support Pillow + Nursing Pillow

Pretty much every parent said these two were a must have! Many recommended the Boppy brand ones.

Baby Gym

The phrase “fun for everyone” really comes to mind here.

Books > Toys

Many studies have shown that reading to your kids as soon as you can helps then throughout their lives. Plus, reading a story together promotes bonding and is a little more entertaining for you.

More Than a Few Great Swaddles

You’re going to need a few of these, and you want them to be good quality because if your baby breaks free of their swaddle, that means both of you are losing sleep.

Rocking Chair

This will be a big purchase and you’ll want it.

Organic All-Purpose Balm

With more than 9 uses, it will definitely come in handy.

Baby Sleeper

Give your arms a break and let baby rest happily while you blow dry your hair, or maybe even have a glass of wine.


Your life is about to change big time and you’re going to need some things to help smooth that transition. You should absolutely think of things you might want and need for yourself when building your registry. So, whether it’s loungewear or clean hair and beauty products, basically anything that could help you out, let the people know. That means, if you think the aforementioned Instant Pot might make #parentlife easier, than put it on the list!

Lavender Bath + Body

If you ever have a moment to yourself to take a bath or shower, it’s nice to have calming (and gentle) products to help you relax.

A Great Bag

Say goodbye to the days when you were able to grab your purse and run out the door. With babe in tow, you’ll need a whole lot more with you at all times. A great, comfortable and good-looking bag will be your best friend.

Hatch to Hospital Kit

In our opinion, this is the perfect all-in-one set for the day. Oh, so comfy (and first-photo ready).

Clean Beauty

When you’re breastfeeding, or just in general, it’s important to clean up your skincare routine. That means getting rid of parabens, synthetic fragrances and other icky ingredients that we at Honest don’t believe in.

Here are our mama must-haves:

Depuff Eye Gel

Hydration Face Cream

Makeup Remover Wipes


No matter how perfectly curated your baby registry is, certain people will go rogue.  

Try to steer them toward some of these great ideas:

Food Delivery Service Gift Cards

When you’re too tired to cook and clean, having a hot meal delivered to your door will seem like a luxury experience. Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates are some of our favorites.

Babysitting “Coupons”

If you don’t have any family in the area, these will come in handy. Why the coupons, you ask? Well, if makes you feel a little less guilty about asking when they’ve already pre-offered.

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