3 Ways to Give Yourself a Break from Parenting

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Parenting — it’s a full-time job. Except for the fact that there’s no PTO, no sick days and no saying “I don’t have the bandwidth for that.” But, the reality is that every parent is only human and we all do our best work when we aren’t completely overwhelmed and underslept. So, it’s important to make an effort to carve out some me-time for yourself, recharge and not feel guilty about it. Here are three ways to give yourself a break, no matter how much time you can manage being away:

The Weekend Away

If you can get three days to yourself, take them! Find a cute little hotel within driving distance and get some of your favorite adult activities in: golf, tennis, lounging by the pool, you name it. Or, stay in bed all day and order room service — because when’s the last time someone brought you breakfast? Your kids will be happy to Facetime you at night, and they might just enjoy the quick break in their routine, too!

The Girl’s (or Guy’s) Night

Spending alone time with your partner is important for your relationship, but spending time with your friends is important for you. Have a margarita, reminisce on times before kids and maybe show off a few pictures of your little ones. Your kids will have just as much fun with an at-home pizza party. Plus, spending time with a sitter helps them get used to being with authority figures that aren’t you.

The 30-Minute Massage

We get it — a weekend away or a night out isn’t always an option. But, that doesn’t mean you should be skipping out on your me-time all together. Book a 30-minute massage at a local spot and get some relaxation in while your kids are at school, soccer practice or on a playdate. Make a pact with another parent to trade off taking the kids, so you can help each other get some regular self time.

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